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Beijing XIHE SUNSHINE Technology Development Co., Ltd. is new energy science and technology company, which devotes to Solar photovoltaic industry, and supplies equipments and spare parts of equipments for sorting and inspecting Silicon, which can help you recognize the Silicon with high quality and reduce risk of purchasing and marketing.

The main products include Silicon Sorting Tester ( Recognizing by Resistivity or PN type); Resistivity Tester; Lifetime Tester; Thickness Tester; Carbon Oxygen Phosphorus Poron Content Tester; Surface Line Mark Tester; Spec Ellipsometer; Transmission Rate Tester; Spare parts for these equipments; Gallium Dopant; Dimethyl Carbinol; Hydrogen Peroxide.

The name of XIHE comes from Chinese Sun god whose name is XIHE in myth. As a member of Solar photovoltaic industry to improve controllability of Solar Panel productivity process and maximum reduce process risk, XIHE S&T is continuously pursuing and positively exploring to offer our best quality products, reasonable price and excellent service.


Silicon Block Defect Detector
This tool is applicable for detection defect in Silicon Blocks, includes Crack\ Void\ Micrograin\ Inclusions\ Other material inhomogeneities. Users can easily use pc software analysis silicon block defect .Users can use laser line source accurately point out the location of defect.

Non-Contact Wafer Thickness Tester
This equipment uses capacitance method to measure wafer thickness. The system is composed of a computer and measuring platform. In order to ensure product accuracy, measuring platform has two sensors so that it can measure the wafer thickness in either stationary or moving status. Powerful software enables you to collect, analysis and store testing data

Silicon C/O Element Content Tester
This instrument is operated by a PC with excellent software and a comprehensive manual. It contains the most advanced optics、electronics 、Materials Science and Artificial intelligence technology, Design purpose is : Simple operation 、Powerful function、Sample preparation is simple、Intelligent operation、Low maintenance cost. This product is right hand tool in laboratory, it is an indispensable equipment for Solar energy enterprises.

Four point probe resistivity tester
This equipment designed conform to ASTM F84 Standard and National Standard. It used for resistivity test, Square resistance test. Can test silicon ingot, silicon wafer, germanium wafer. The equipment made up of host box ,test rack and Four point probe.

Hand Silicon Material Sorting Instrument
The system uses four-point probe principle test Resistivity\ Square Resistor\ Resistor\ PN Type of silicon. It can test silicon block\ wafer, used for Silicon Material Sorting.
■ Range Of Resistance: 0.01~1199Ω-cm
■ Range Of Square Resisitor: 0.01~4529Ω/□
■ Resisitor: 0.01~9999Ω
■ Resolution: 0.001

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